About Theefun:

  •                                                                                                Theefun Brand Story

    The Fun Incubator

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here at Theefun, we want to be a part of that village to raise your little one up. Parenting is hard enough, and planning activities can
    be real stressful at times. If you allow us to be your handy helpers, we’ll lay out the toys and gadgets that will see your child from preschool to preteen. 

    Our Misson
    Here at Theefun, we’re a group of parents who want to help you bypass the troubles of searching high and low for the perfect toys, by creating toys that are highly interactive, encourage unadulterated fun, and are sparked with a touch of learning.

    Our Values
    With Theefun, our toys seek to carve out a precious pocket of time where you and your child both can bond together and have a ball of a time, without feeling the stresses of our society’s paper chase. We set out to create a playtime for you and your child, characterized by our 3 core values:
    We live in the world of flying cameras and unicorn cupcakes, and we want our toys to reflect just that. Theefun is one big rainbow confetti of fun for both you and your kid, with speedy quadcopters, bubble churners and the whee-worthy works.
    For playtime with a purpose, our toys have developmental and educational aspects; from bright colored building blocks to help create cognitive links between visual cues and words, to outdoor quadcopters that improves motor dexterity and coordination.
    Having to make multiple trips to the store because the toys just keep chipping and breaking can be an exhausting feat. So we set strict quality benchmarks for all our toys. with non-toxic materials, to ensure that they don’t damage under little fingers.And we back it all up with a 12-month warranty guarantee that will be at your disposal if any of our toys fall out of line.

    Our Vision
    At the end of the day, after tucking your kids into bed, our vision is for Theefun to be a part of every parenting journey,  beyond the boundaries of playtime.

    We seek for Theefun to always be relevant,  always be present, and always be fun, even as your child grows from tot to teen. With this, we promise to constantly innovate,crack our brains and play with as many children as we can find to learn from the young ones themselves. To create The(e)Fun experience for both parent and child.

     Now go on, and have fun!